What Makes Us Different

Everything at FURCHTLOS is based on four core pillars of innovation.


We design to be different.

Our core design team is made of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who have experience designing for the world’s top automotive brands. As motorcycle lovers, we understand the needs of riders and the shortcomings of current products in the market. As automotive design experts, we have an intimate knowledge of the sector and emerging trends in design and technology. Together, we aim to create products that are functionally superior and that lead the trends in terms of style, so that all kinds of motorcycle lovers can have world-class accessories for their world-class bikes.




Our Engineering Department is led by automotive engineering experts who have experience in full motorcycle and vehicle development for the industry’s top brands, including KTM, BMW, Honda, SEAT, and McLaren. We approach motorcycle accessory design the same as we would for developing a full vehicle, always considering the accessory and machine together as a holistic system.

We put a strong focus on R+D throughout the full product development process, from the initial design concept to the mass production, challenging ourselves to push the limits of what’s possible and to implement new materials, processes and technologies along the way in order to create the most advanced products on the market.

While we enjoy exploring the limits of feasibility, we still maintain a strict adherence to quality. We follow the automotive standards for testing and quality to ensure our products meet the international standards for safety and quality and can be homologated when needed.




Technological innovation is what drives us forward.

At FURCHTLOS, we strive to incorporate the latest technologies into our products and manufacturing processes in order to optimize the rider experience. In the case of motorcycle luggage, the integration of technical features into the product expands the functionality far beyond just a simple storage solution, creating an enhanced user experience for the rider, and even offering the possibility of full synchronicity between accessory and machine.

Technology allows us to expand the limits of possibility, create a more fulfilling user experience, and deepen the connection between man and machine.




High quality products begin with high quality materials.

At FURCHTLOS, our R+D Department is constantly seeking out new materials and innovative applications to create the lightest, strongest, and highest performing products on the market.

Material innovation is what allows us to break through the traditional design limitations and deliver unique and groundbreaking products that are first of their kind.